From insights to innovation, your trusted lottery growth partner


There’s a reason IGT is uniquely positioned as a leader in the lottery industry – it’s because our people live and breathe lottery. We know the players. We know the retailers. We develop and implement games and technologies that move the industry forward. Our People offer the services and experience to support customers in optimizing every aspect of the lottery value chain.

From market insights to portfolio analysis, to sales and retail execution, to managing technology and supporting field operations, our teams of People are your growth partners.

Insight Team

Foresight into consumer behavior and retailer needs can accelerate growth. The Insight team provides its customers with actionable insights across all aspects of their business to drive more efficient decision-making. The group and its partners uncover emerging trends that guide technology and game product development, with the goal of keeping lottery games and the transaction experience relevant and engaging.

Driving Lottery Growth Through Understanding
IGT’s Insight Team is comprised of dedicated market research professionals spread across gaming disciplines and geographies. The cross-disciplinary interaction enhances the sharing of gaming industry research assets. We embrace a global perspective and leverage our worldwide experience, benchmarks, and best practices to tailor research protocols to customers’ needs. This includes using the most appropriate and effective methodologies from various technology, geographic, and psychographic perspectives.

We work with a worldwide group of best-in-class independent market research partners to bring about the most statistically robust and accurate methodologies and sample plans to the lottery and gaming industry.

Sharing Knowledge and Ideas
The annual Research Exchange meetings pioneered by IGT allow lottery research professionals around the globe to meet and share ideas, discuss their research programs, methodologies, successes, and challenges, and leave with new insights. The Insight Team regularly publishes learnings from new studies through White Papers and other thought leadership.

Retail Sales & Execution Team

IGT’s Retail Sales & Execution Team focuses not only on products and technology, but on accelerating growth through the spectrum of retail and consumer activities. The Retail Sales & Execution Team works with lottery customers to improve sales operations, maximize revenue through retail relationships, and enhance retail and product execution. As trusted partners, the team draws on the experience of the more than 2,000 IGT people who work as lottery operators and who serve more than 137,000 retailers.

TechOps Team

Complex system conversion projects touch every aspect of a lottery’s business and demand the highest levels of organizational support and personal accountability. IGT’s TechOps Team will oversee a lottery client’s conversion and the on-site resources assigned to manage and deploy projects large or small. We have the tools and knowledge to efficiently deliver a global portfolio of systems and service projects on time and on budget.

Training Team

IGT has successfully trained more than one million retailers and system users across 30 U.S. states, in more than 50 countries, on five continents, and in more than a dozen languages.

All training needs can be met globally, across all technologies and subject matters. We work with clients to match a lottery's business goals, organizational structure, and skill set with a fully tailored training program led by professionals with real lottery experience. Each training program is completely customized and employs a one-third/two-thirds method of delivery, whereby one-third of classroom time is devoted to lecture and at least two-thirds includes hands-on application, question and answer sessions, exercises, and feedback.

Field Services Team

The IGT Field Services Team has more than 70 years of combined experience providing lottery field service and related projects for U.S. and International customers. We work closely with lotteries to assist local staff in carrying out daily operations and reaching peak performance goals. Our activities include installation, repair, proactive maintenance, and field-engineering changes or upgrades for all product lines. With the expertise to help lotteries optimize all facets of operations, provisioning, and service delivery, team members ensure around-the-clock coverage, every day of the year, to provide the best possible operations management solutions to meet customers’ business needs.

Hotline Team

Always on the front line, the IGT Hotline Team has over 20 years of combined experience supporting local call-centers, as well as their customers, retailers, and players. We have adopted a universal agent strategy to maximize the level of service we provide to lottery customers, and since 2011, our National Response Center has been recognized as one of the top five contact centers in the Americas by

Interactive Team

We are the partner lotteries need to successfully move online, driving growth across all touchpoints of the online retail environment. We have a pragmatic understanding of the challenges lotteries face when transitioning to an online environment. The Interactive Team shares IGT’s experience in online and mobile gaming with our global customers. We can assist our partners with strategy development; customer-experience design; player analytics and reporting; marketing programs for player acquisition, retention, and reactivation; product development; and network management. 

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