SyncSation™ Technology

Sync Outside The Box

You set the playlist, we’ll set the mood.

With scheduling and on-demand capabilities that allow you to create an industry-first synchronized light and music show on multiple slot machines in one zone, or across the casino floor, the sky’s the limit. Attract players like never before with a rocking hot spot during a player event, a floor-wide holiday celebration, or even make machine banks go wild as each team scores during a sporting event. With just the right mood you can keep your players coming back for more, with SyncSation™ technology.

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SyncSation Bank

Sync Outside the Box.

Preview a selection of syncs from our extensive offering. Our library continues to grow, so check with your account manager to see and hear what’s new.

IGT S3000® Syncs

IGT CrystalDual® Syncs

(Core Functionality)
(For Purchase)
(For Purchase)
Idle Mode Synchronization - Lighting only
Idle Mode Synchronization - Music & Lighting
Multiple Bank Synchronization (Server)  
On Demand  
Hot & Cold Zones    
Original Music Syncs 15 19 19
Licensed Syncs 0 3 6
Holiday Licensed Syncs 0 2 15
«Headliner» Licensed Syncs 0 0 5
Color Based Syncs 0 0 32
Lights Only Syncs 20 22 76

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