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The betting business is built on a constantly changing set of opportunities driven by real-world sporting events. IGT’s single integrated platform supports the complete end-to-end betting process. It provides centralized control across all styles of betting around the globe, featuring product modularity and flexibility to fit your gaming operation.

Betting Solutions


The IGT Betting platform is a point of convergence from earlier technology solutions, leveraging the proven solutions of Enterprise Series (ES), MarginMaker, and Lottomatica’s Betting Core Platform (BCP). It is a true best of breed incorporating all the lessons learned in over two decades of sports betting. It integrates with other IGT products, including the ES solution for retail and lottery host, GMS4 PAM (Player Account Management), and Portal.

Our team has extensive experience developing tools to manage core betting processes for large operators and through our own customer-facing operations, we offer proof of the platform's performance.

Betting Solutions Platform


IGT helps you connect with your players anytime, anywhere, on any device. Our betting platform provides centralized single management of trading, event, and content that is integrated across all channels. These channels include retail, interactive, mobile, telebetting, tablet, self-service, hospitality, and iTV. The retail channel uses the ES infrastructure and the interactive channel uses the IGT portal for a seamless multi-product platform, while also supporting stand-alone betting if needed.


IGT’s modular platform gives you access to every available betting product through trading engine modules. These modules handle all betting product families: fixed odds sports, racing, numbers, and virtual betting; pool sports and racing; and E-Venue, our event data management system.

Betting Solutions Product

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