Inspired by history. Driven by innovation. Committed to your future.

Historical performance merges with the next big thing in spinning reels. The S3000® provides players with all of their favorite games which include the traditional and familiar game play mechanics they love, complemented with a dash of modern technology to enhance and reinforce their experience and devotion. As the driving force behind the future of gaming, the S3000® raises standards and your floor to the next level. Traditional fans will love playing their favorites such as Double Diamond®, while adventurous entertainment players will fall in love with new games that feature bold graphics and first-to-market, interactive features.

Case Study

Casinos around the world are seeing strong performance from and positive player adoption of the S3000®. Read about the success Four Queens Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is experiencing today.

There is only one clear cabinet choice when it comes to performance, reliability and player preference – and this is it. Give your players what they want...or someone else will.


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