S3000® and S3000® Square Top

Inspired by history. Driven by innovation. Committed to your future.

Historical performance merges with the next big thing in spinning reels. The S3000® gaming machine provides players with all of their favorite games, which include the traditional and familiar game play mechanics they love, complemented with a dash of modern technology to enhance and reinforce their experience and devotion. As the driving force behind the future of gaming, the S3000® raises standards and your floor to the next level.

Benefits & Features

  • An extensive pipeline of proven classic themes as well as first-to-market releases allows you to target any spinning-reel player
  • Configure themes to match any player type, with conversions and set-ups that are less strenuous on resources
  • Increase run time with the industry’s most reliable hardware and software components

While the S3000® Square Top was designed to be an appealing option for players seeking the nostalgic look of the classic S2000® gaming machine, it has also been given extra attention to deliver the sightlines, classic look, and traditional player experience your players demand. So no matter what your players’ needs are, both the Square Top and standard Skylight versions of the S3000® gaming machine will seamlessly support our full spinning-reel library of games.


  • Quick and easy conversions between three-reel and five-reel games
  • Configurable minimum and maximum bets
  • “Bet Up” and “Bet Up” buttons simplify a multitude of bet configurations
  • Multi-denomination capabilities allow you to set different denominations and give your players a range of options

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