S3000® Square Top

Sophisticated slots meet today’s technology.

The S3000® Square Top combines the industry’s most advanced hardware technology with IGT’s legacy of game design excellence. Although it’s designed to be a great addition to any location of your floor, the S3000® Square Top has also been given extra attention to ensure a seamless fit for your high-denomination or high limit areas, by delivering the sightlines, classic look, and traditional player experience to meet the needs of your most important players.

  • The S3000® Square Top is perfect for your high-denomination, mechanical spinning-reel players seeking single-payline, five-payline, and nine-payline games
  • An appealing option for your spinning-reel players that seek the nostalgic square top look of the classic S2000® gaming machine
  • An extensive pipeline of proven classic themes as well first-to-market releases allows you to target any spinning-reel player
  • Configure themes to match any player type, with conversions and set-ups that are less strenuous on resources
  • Increase run time with the industry’s most reliable hardware and software components
  • Attract players and keep them engaged with the next-generation of casino gaming experiences, incorporating light, game play mechanics, comfort and sound



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