Vu Slant™

Find comfort in value-driven innovation

The Vu Slant™ cabinet is designed to give players a powerful gaming experience in complete comfort. Our player-validated and technician-tested design includes dual 22" wide-screen displays, high resolution animated graphics, multi-channel audio, award winning full-colour digital buttons, game-driven accent lighting, and optimal screen angles for superior player ergonomics.

Innovative technology

Driven by the powerful sensys EP™ platform, the Vu Slant cabinet was built for full graphic and expansion capability. It handles fully downloadable content and is network gaming ready. It supports digital glass, vibrant full-colour digital buttons, and a selection of popular peripherals.

Ergonomic design

The Vu Slant cabinet's large armrest, dual cup holders, optimized LCD screen angles, left/right-handed play button board, and integrated footrest provide enhanced player comfort and convenience.

Environmental design

The Vu Slant cabinet's embraces environmentally responsible design and production methods, resulting in a 100 percent RoHS-compliant product, as well as increased energy efficiency for Operators.


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