More players, more money, more often.

Casino Systems Products

Do more with industry-leading systems

Get the power to manage and monetize every screen, player, and space. Streamline operations, increase actionable data, and configure your floor for maximum velocity.

IGT Advantage®

Get all the integrated tools you need to manage your casino floor, attract and retain customers, and improve your bottom line through increased productivity

IGT Advantage

Cardless Connect®

Say Hello To Simple

This revolutionary new product allows your player’s smartphone to become their loyalty card. Players simply tap their phone to any gaming machine to card in, reducing barriers to play and increasing the velocity of money on your floor.

G2S Solutions

Get hourly data to make real-time decisions for your floor, turn your gaming machines into high-impact communication platforms, and give your players the games they want, when they want.

IGT Tournament Manager

Leverage your current machines and optimize uptime with the industry’s leading digital tournament software. Tournament Manager runs tournaments through software invisible to your players.

EZ Pay®

Increase coin-in and decrease costs with CMS-agnostic EZ Pay™ products. From traditional ticketing to smart and mag card solutions, cashless products increase player loyalty and make the gaming experience seamless.

Progressives and Bonusing

Whether you need bonuses on a single bank, flexible progressives or the life-changing power of WAP, IGT has a solution to fit your needs.

Apps on the EGM

Let players skip the kiosk and go straight to where the fun is – the game! From beverage ordering to drawing management, IGT’s player apps can layer on any gaming machine.

Apps on the EGM

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