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IGT Casinolink®

Modular CMS system

IGT Casinolink® supports every facet of your gaming operation by linking the management of slot machines, table games, account-based wagering, marketing, and the cage into one comprehensive system.

  • Loyalty


    IGT Casinolink™ Loyalty applications give you complete control of all patron information. Drive player loyalty, return visits and increase revenues by streamlining reception, accurately tracking play, and creating effective promotions to reward your players.

    The user-friendly, efficient and flexible reception module makes joining your club a quick and hassle-free experience, especially with interfaces to ID scanners and card printers.

    Analyze visit behavior in detail and evaluate game play by type, denomination, and theme to accurately target players with just the right promotion to drive them to your door. Your marketing budget will go further than ever before.

    Casinolink Loyalty Brochure [PDF]

  • Reward


    Create a buzz and drive traffic with bonuses. Whether you draw attention with random prizes, points and tickets or reward specific players for birthdays and visits, the IGT Casinolink™ Advanced Promotions Engine helps you achieve your goals.

    Increase coin-in, drive incremental visits and stimulate play using proven Bonusing solutions available around the globe. The IGT Casinolink Advanced Promotions Engine can be configured to meet your unique needs.

    Casinolink Advanced Promotions Brochure [PDF]

  • Slot

    Slot Management

    IGT Casinolink™ Slot Management provides comprehensive slot management and accounting capabilities for single and multi-site operations. The system’s extensive reporting capabilities help you make better planning and operational decisions.

    Casinolink Slot Management Brochure [PDF]

  • EZ Pay

    EZ Pay®

    Increase coin-in and decrease costs with CMS-agnostic EZ Pay™ products. From traditional ticketing to smart and mag card solutions, cashless products increase player loyalty and make the gaming experience seamless.

    EZ Pay products include TITO, Purchase Tickets, Promo Tickets, Smart Card, and Mag Card

    Promo Tickets Brochure [PDF]

    Smart Card & Mag Card Brochure [PDF]

    Ticketing Brochure [PDF]

  • Wallet


    IGT Casinolink™ Wallet offers an account-based wagering solution that enhances the player experience. Give your players the power to transfer funds using their players club card which can be accessed at any connected slot machine across your property or enterprise.

    Players stay entertained while using a single card that meets all their gaming needs, and you reduce operational costs and streamline your operation.

    With multi-site, multi-language, and multi-currency support, IGT Casinolink Wallet is a scalable business solution that can be configured to meet your unique needs.

    Casinolink Wallet Brochure [PDF]

  • Jackpot


    IGT Casinolink™ Jackpot takes you to the next level by creating multi-level mystery, standalone and linked progressive jackpots. Link single games or groups of games without individual controllers to quickly create innovative jackpot concepts that differentiate your property.

    Casinolink Jackpot Brochure [PDF]

  • Cage


    IGT Casinolink™ Cage expands your financial awareness by providing a comprehensive and feature-rich cage and credit management system. Increase control and accountability with a fully networked solution for the operation, management and monitoring of your cage operations.

    Casinolink Cage Brochure [PDF]

  • Tablelink


    Casino operators around the world have discovered the profit-boosting potential of automated table tracking with IGT Tablelink™. From modernizing inefficient, manual recordkeeping and transaction processing, to providing accurate, real-time tracking of play, IGT Tablelink gives you an efficient method to manage all aspects of your table game operations.

    Tablelink Brochure [PDF]

  • Medialink


    Are you getting the most out of your digital signage? IGT Medialink™ delivers. Now you can quickly create and deploy customized media to signage using robust design and management tools.

    Medialink Brochure [PDF]


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