More players, more money, more often.

Casino Systems Solutions

Whatever it is, relief is just an IGT solution away.

Whether you want to upgrade, optimize, integrate, or simplify, we have the solution for you. IGT’s comprehensive tools and technology are designed to improve every aspect of your gaming operations.

Operational Efficiency

My floor wastes time

Maximize floor performance, simplify operations, and enhance player experience with the most comprehensive, integrated solutions in gaming.  

Marketing & Branding

Up my promotion ROI

Proven promotions, flexible incentives, and intelligent bonuses that reward the players who earn them keep patrons playing longer.  

Tables Solutions

My tables are mute

Maximize comping accuracy, increase productivity, and deliver compelling bonusing to your table games with a system-agnostic table solution.  

Multi-Site Solutions

Multi-Site Solutions

Manage your slots, table games, account-based wagering, marketing 

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