More players, more money, more often.

Operational Efficiency

Time to streamline

Maximize floor performance, simplify operations, and enhance the player experience with the most comprehensive, integrated solutions in gaming.

  • Floor Manager

    IGT Floor Manager

    IGT Floor Manager offers a solution to remotely change casino floor mix based on market conditions and demographics that will grow business and maximize performance. Event scheduling and monitoring tools give you everything needed to optimize the games on your floor. Offer players the games they want with IGT’s game library, all while reducing operational costs

    Floor Manager Brochure [PDF]

  • Tournament Manager

    Tournament Manager

    Leverage your current machines and optimize uptime with the industry’s leading digital tournament software. Instead of high capital investment and physical disruptions on your floor, Tournament Manager runs tournaments through software invisible to your players.

    IGT Tournament Manager provides all the tools you need to increase excitement and streamline tournament administration at your property, while leveraging IGT’s player-favorite game themes to maximize revenue when tournaments are not in session.

    Tournament Manager Brochure [PDF]

  • Table Manager

    IGT Table Manager

    IGT Table Manager’s fully automated system maximizes rating accuracy, increases productivity, and delivers compelling promotions to table players. With IGT Table Manager, rating and comping table games players is transformed from a time-consuming, manual endeavor to one of simplicity and ease. Incorporate table promotions, like Lucky Chip™, and you have a powerful combination sure to enhance the player experience while improving your operations.

    IGT Advantage Table Management Brochure
  • Multi-Site Solutions


    It’s all about what you want…a cost-efficient way to enhance player experience, with access to the largest game library in the industry. Seamless access to the hottest game titles – and their real-time performance data - from the casino floor without the infrastructure investments allows you to focus on what is important to your business: players, games, and performance.

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