SpinSplosion® Tournament

This all-new video slot product is the latest addition to the TournXtreme™ brand, joining spinning-reel and video poker titles along with our award winning tournament solution to give you the most versatile and interactive tournament offering available. Say goodbye to wasted tournament space, and avoid costly machine moves. Now you can easily switch between any of our high-performing coin-in themes and the hottest tournament your floor has ever seen, all with the push of a button.

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  • A modern twist on popular classic tournaments, with a whole new level of player appeal and excitement
  • Players will love the interactive features including watching for “Blast” symbols, balls shooting from the launcher, wilds on the reels, and parachutes raining down! Players will be in a frenzy trying to collect as many points as they can before time runs out, all while watching the leaderboard for their current session placement in the tournament.
  • SpinSplosion® Tournament can be placed on any CrystalDual® or CrystalSlant™ cabinet to provide a versatile video tournament solution. With a flip of the switch, you can turn your proven performing coin-in titles into a promotional tournament event on your floor

Player Interaction

A "Blast" symbol in any position on the reels launches a single ball into the top screen. If a launched ball contacts a brick, that brick releases a parachute which falls from the top screen down to the bottom screen and then disappears from the play area. Players must touch the parachutes while they are on the bottom screen to remove the parachute from the play area and be awarded corresponding points or parachute enhancements.




As the session continues and players progress through the level, the number and variety of parachutes continues to increase. Player interaction also increases, sending them into a frenzy as they try to pop all of the parachutes and move up the standings before the final countdown comes to an end.


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